Personalized Clammr For Better Results Using A Pretty Link.


In the last episode we mentioned Clammr, and today we are going to follow up and add an additional strategy to measure ROI. We talked about this in the Episode 80 of the Marketing Musican

Some times we are not sure what we want our marketing to do. This is not a great strategy. It’s call shotgun marketing. In general if you give potential customers too many options, they choose not to decide. If you are using WordPress there is a plugin called Pretty Link that I love. It allows you to track how many times a link has been clicked. This allows you to track your return on investment.

So to make your clammrs stand out, make a landing page. This could have a video that says, “Hello Clammr nation we’re the band _____”. This specialized landing page will make you stand out. now you can explain their options and their benefits of signing up for your newsletter, purchasing a t-shirt, or buying your new CD.

You can then use pretty links to track what people are clicking on. Then you can make a generalization that people that come from clammr are interested in _____. My guess is it is your music, but you may get some newsletter signs ups as well.