George Hrab gave away his entire CD for free as one giant file.  He spent lots of money recording it, and putting together a great package for the CD. He had a lot to lose, but he decided to use podcasting and give it away for free.

The results? The CD brought up the sales of all his other CDs, and the CD itself outsold all his previous five CDs combined. His CD ended up on the charts at CDbaby, and is on the “Top Sellers” list at CDBaby in the Rock/Funk Category.

George produces the Geologic Podcast which is a podcast critical thinkers/skeptics/ atheists (of which George is one). His podcast has boosted him as a leader in this niches, and he is asked to speak at conventions for skeptics. This is a dream come true as George gets to hang out with people he has admired, and then play his music right in front of his target market (critical thinkers).

To this I say if you believe in anything, put it out there. It may scale back your over all appeal, but in return you get loyalty. Look at the Rage Against the Machine. They are overly political and criticise all politicians (both liberal and conservative). Do some people not like that type of topic? Sure, but those that do REALLY do.

This is just part one of the discussion between George and myself. I will be splicing in parts of our conversation in future episodes.

You can find George’s Music at CDbaby, and in iTunes.


Trebuchet - George Hrab

George Hrab: Trebuchet

Tony R Clef – Call Out

Tony is an incredible talent. Yet his web skills are zero. I’m calling him out. Tony, contact me and I’ll set up your website for free (you pay the $8 for hosting). If you are in the same boat as Tony? Contact and I will help you take your music to the next level on the Internet. His music is available at

Music Available at

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